United Way of Hampshire County 2014 Campaign Video Community Partners featured: Under Five Thrive; Highland Valley Elder Services; Amherst Survival Center

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Pulse of the Community
UWHC’s Jim Ayres featured in Northampton Chamber video
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Blurring donor-recipient lines for a more cohesive community
February 2014
Preview Massachusetts

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United Way of Hampshire County kicks off fundraising 2014 campaign
September 24, 2013, The Republican

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United Way kicks off annual fundraising campaign
September 24, 2013
Daily Hampshire Gazette

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United Way Kicks Off 2014 Fundraising Campaign
September 24, 2013

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United Way begins fundraising campaign
September 24, 2013

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United Way of Hampshire County aims for higher goal for 2014 campaign
September 20, 2013
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The United Way of Hampshire County is about advancing the common good. It is about sustaining and strengthening a network of local agencies prepared to respond to our neighbors in need.

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Your donation, combined with those of thousands more, allows the United Way to invest in opportunities that create a better life for all.

We focus campaign investments in three areas that offer some of the basic building blocks for a good life—a good start for children and youth, health and safety for all and resources that promote economic security. And, as the lives of those in need improve, our entire community benefits.

Funding Opportunity Announcement

The United Way of Hampshire County (UWHC) has released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for its Economic Security Program Area.

Funds will target programs and initiatives that build lasting opportunity and ensure that Hampshire County residents have access to resources to meet their basic needs. Three-year funding awards will range from $10,000 to $55,000 per year. UWHC will invest more than $900,000 in this program area over the grant period. Economic Security is one of three program areas through which UWHC prioritizes is efforts.

Click here for the Economic Security RFP pdf.

Applicants will be required to submit an online letter of intent and to participate in one of two information sessions to be held on January 10 at 1:00 p.m. and January 13 at 9:00 a.m., at the Hadley Farms Meeting House in Hadley, MA. Further details are included in the Economic Security RFP pdf.

Campaign toolkit 2014 Campaign Toolkit

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Children/Youth—Positively improving the physical, social, emotional and intellectual lives of children and youth. Your support means giving a voice to an abused child in the courtroom, offering a low-income child the joy of summer camp or allowing a youth-at-risk to spend an afternoon with a trusted role model.

Health/Safety—Advocating for the physical and mental well-being for all. Your support means refuge from violence for a mother and her children, getting people back on their feet after a disaster or making visible those often overlooked.

Economic Security—Meeting basic needs that no one should be without—food, shelter and support. Your support means putting food on the table of a working family, shelter for a night or a lifetime, or a helping hand to navigate the day-to-day complexities of life.

LIVE UNITED 365 Community Campaign 2014

July 2013–June 2014
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In times of change and uncertainty there is a constant: the generosity of our local community.

Thanks to all of 2014 Pacesetters for taking the lead and inspiring others to create positive change.